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Coleção Acessórios para Crianças Outono Inverno 2020

What kid doesn't love brand new, shiny things? Check out this season's epic collection of kid's accessories! From gnarly DC hats to stretchy socks, DC has every accessory your kid needs before heading to school! While your kid is forced to play that lame game of head, shoulders, knees and toes, they will always crack a smile if they are geared up with DC accessories!

Don't let the big, bad bully pants your kid! DC has bully prevention with killer new belts of all different colors, styles and sizes. Protect your kid from the sun with the perfect DC hat. Whether you kid likes wearing their hat forwards or backwards, he is guaranteed to look cool! If it is that time of season when your lawn is covered in snow, be sure to check out our latest line of killer beanies to keep your son or daughter's ears warm all winter season! Kids these days are so absorbed in their technology that it seems they can't live without their cell phones! No parent likes having to replace their kids' phones every time they come home from the skate park with a cracked screen. DC has a variety of epic iPhone cases that will protect your child's phone, so every parent can call home and prevent your wallet from getting thinner!

DC believes that the devil is in the details, and what kid doesn't like to put a sticker on every object possible? You kid will enjoy branding their skateboard, snowboard, dirt bike, school binder with a DC decal sticker to show off how much they love being a DC kid! How else would your child carry all of his or her awesome new DC accessories and school supplies around than with a quality DC backpack? Each backpack comes in various sizes and styles each complete with multiple zipper compartments so your child can stay organized this school season. Your kids will ditch the rolling backpack or that silly Hello Kitty bag once they check out DC's newest line of backpacks.

No matter if you are searching to bundle up your kid in the winter time with a beanie, or protect his face from the sun with a DC hat, DC guarantees to create only the hottest trends designed for best quality and durability. Your kid is growing up fast, and needs new clothes before catching the bus to his or her first day of school!

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