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Meninos 3-8 anos

Coleção para Meninos 3 - 8 anos

From tiny tykes running around in diapers to the dapper young fellas training to go pro, DC Shoes has the best selection of shoes for all kids! Trust DC to fit your kid's feet as he runs buck wild around town! Does your son dig the style of a chunky skater shoe? They make the comfiest to cruise around town. Though they look thick, their mesh tongue is designed to make every DC shoe light, comfortable and breathable to prevent their feet from overheating. Every parent gets tired of hearing their kids complain that their feet are tired, so parents have to carry them if they gave up on hauling around a stroller. Ditch the stroller and get your kids the best quality shoe with DC shoes.

Every pair of kids' shoes are extra puffy with ventilation holes to maximize comfort and keep high spirited kids from having sweaty feet. We have a collection of killer kicks with the most epic designs so every boy rockin' DC will go to school cool. From gnarly black and red designs to neon colors or simple gray, no matter your kids' style, DC has a shoe for every boy's inner swag! Beat all the stereotypes that boys only wear blue and girls only wear pink. DC has a collection of epic boys' skater kicks that come in pink! If your son wants to be a chick magnet at the age of 6, he will know that real men wear pink. Just ask the pros like Travis Rice, he will advise that the ladies love a man in pink! Apart from all the incredible kids' shoes we offer, we also have the best quality clothes so your kid can go to school looking his best.

DC has a killer line of graphic tees, long sleeve shirts for winter time, gnarly pants that come in straight or skinny fit for every body type. What kid doesn't love wearing accessories? We are not talking about all the girly purses and necklaces, but epic DC hats, beanies and a totally rad backpack to carry around all his school supplies. Every boy can show of he is diehard DC with a DC keychain for his backpack, a large DC decal sticker for the front of his binder, and even a sick DC pencil holder so he can keep his art supplies organized. From his head to his toes, no young man should be walking around without a pair of DC kicks. Whether your grommet is a diehard skater, dreams constantly of snowboarding, or is chomping at the bit to dive into the water, DC has a pair of shoes, from sandals to sneakers, fit for every DC kid!

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