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Jeans, Calças & Shorts

Jeans para Crianças : toda coleção Denim

Every boy wants to dress his best even if he claims that "shopping is for girls".They won't regret that shopping trip to try on a few pairs of DC jeans, because every girl in school will be checking him out! This season of DC denim is guaranteed to last until your little man grows another foot!

Select the best fit for your grommet. From the skinny fit to a baggier, straight leg denim pant, your son will thank you for keeping him hip and not dressed in hand-me-down baggy pants from the uber 90's. It will be no surprise when posters of our global pros like snowboard star, Travis Rice, motocross maniac, Robbie Maddison, and super-swag skater, Rob Dyrdrek, pop up all over your son's walls. Your little man knows that the pros rely on DC to dress them in competition, in practice and while roaming the streets hanging out with their friends. DC has an incredible selection of pants and shorts fit for every young DC dude that will keep him comfortable in those long, lame hours in the class room. Once the bell rings and school is out, every diehard boy is going to B-line it to the skate park.

Good thing DC pants are also made for flexibility so he can show off his new tricks to his crush who admires him from afar. No one likes to be the nerd at school; because, every boy wants to be the gnarliest dude in school and town! Do your son a favor and choose the best possible clothing for the right price. Once he has an unlimited selection of DC denim, be sure to check out this season's hottest shorts that will keep him cool throughout summer madness! We know that every young man always gets himself into some sort of mischief. The best a parent can do is guide him and make sure his clothes last him through a summer in the dirt or a winter in the snow.

Whether your son is 5, 9, or 12, tall and skinny, or short and stocky, we have the best quality and comfort stitched into every article of clothing. Every boy dreams of living like all the DC pros. Let you little man go pro and match his love for dare devil sports with DC denim, shirts, shoes and accessories. There is no time but the present to gift your son with a little DC swagger.

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