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Boys Accessories Collection

We bet your kid looks like a rockstar in his killer DC shoes, favorite graphic tee and DC denim jeans! What about all the accessories that can jazz up his wardrobe? Every DC skater dude can’t be complete without an epic flat brimmed DC hat that represents his personal swag! Protect his face from getting sunburned with a DC hat while he spends countless hours tearing it up at the skate park. From red hats, blue hats, black hats, oh my!

Any DC hat will do him a solid, because no matter the color, he will look rad every time he rocks his favorite hat! Every time the grass becomes covered in snow, make sure you little man has a couple DC beanies to keep his noggin warm! If he is naturally a talented skater, you bet he will set aside his skateboard and pull out his snowboard for the winter season. Apart from dusting of his entire DC snow gear that has been stored away all summer, a DC beanie is key to him not coming home with a cold. Magically your son’s collection of shoes grew from one pair, to one DC pair for every occasion. Nothing wrong with that! However, that means you have to keep up with laundry so he has enough socks to wear with all his shoes! Save on water and laundry detergent by stocking up on plenty of killer DC socks for your son.

Keep it simple with black or white socks that are designed to be breathable so he will never suffer from sweaty, overheated feet. Every young man wants to be the coolest at the skate park. He may be only eight and not own a car yet, but he would like to show off to his crushes with a DC lanyard and DC keychain to organize all his house and bike keys. How does he carry all his school books around plus his skateboard? The answer is with an epic DC backpack so he can stay organized in style. What grommet doesn't love showing the world that he is a gnarly DC dude? All the pros like Travis Rice, Devun Walsh and Justin Fronius have DC logo planted on every snowboard, helmet, car and possibly even their walls of their house. Gift your grommet a DC decal sticker so he can dress up his dresser or stamp his school binder with the best brand in the world! DC believes that the devil is in the details. Don't let your youngin' dress without the proper accessories before heading to the skate park.

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